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Too many ads!!

Don’t have an ad after every single level, for Pete’s sake!! I have no problem with some ads occasionally. But to have one after every puzzle is ridiculously excessive!!

Easy & relaxing

This game doesn't stress you out. It doesn't seem to have all the nasty little tricks the other bubble games do. Easy, but a little challenging here & there. Just right for taking your mind off life for a little while.




It’s fun to play but it has too many ads unless you pay to have them eliminated. Puffff!!


Love this game! Challenging!

Best ever!!

just started playing two weeks ago and I’m loving it, I love the bears and the music, very easy to play, you will love it too. 😃

Action, color, and loads of fun!

Very enjoyable, not to many advertisements to be pesky!

So far so good

Lovely colors, casual enough to play , relax, and advance. I’m loving so far!!

Candy Panda

This game is generally right on with the aimer, which I consider a plus. Quite a few times I've encountered an ad that was a black page so I had to restart the game. Also, the game has been freezing up, starting at game 1975. Not only do I have to restart the game but I also lose a life. Not fair. Hence only a 4 star rating. Game still going to the black ad so am still giving it 4 stars. This game is freezing up after I complete 2740 and I am not getting credit for the level. I am downgrading this game to 3 stars and if it repeats again I will delete it, but not before deducting more stars!! Looks like I will have to delete this game. I keep winning 2740 but it freezes and won't advance so this game is reduced to zero stars. Sorry but if I can't be allowed to continue then what is the point.

Great Game

But I was only able to get to level 2740. I would pass the level but it would not go any further. I uninstalled it but I had to start over.

Fun until levels don't work properly

At level 1169 with 48 bubbles take 4 shots and told "YOU LOST". What happened guys get lazy and didn't check your code closely enough? Also how are player supposed to contract you? Your Facebook link doesn't work and there is no contact information given. Ok now at level 1829 it locks up on the ad screen and you can’t leave the screen. Only way out is to reboot your device. Even after doing that it will freeze in the game and you again have to reboot. Really frustrating and still no way to contact the developer.

Keeps crashing

The game is crashing everyday. The screen goes black with the word “download” at the top, which if pressed takes you to a still shot of one of their ads but can never start the game again. When you delete the app and restart it, you are again at level one. I pressed the link for app support but the page it goes to says “error”. It a shame because the game itself is fun.

Candy panda

Great addictive game love the game


Great game! My job is very stressful and this game is not only fun... but very relaxing! I play it on my breaks during the day and when I go to bed at night. Love it!

Like the game on number 1536 do I like it.

Love it Started over again but I liked the other version better.

Panda Bubble Pop

This game has bright, beautiful graphics along with fast action that keeps up with the player! Ads do not delay play, and are not too many to be disruptive. I really enjoy this game, and strongly recommend it for all ages! Really fun! Chow828

Good time waster

Too many annoying ads. How can it be a free game if getting rid of ads costs money?

Great fun!

This is a fun, addictive game but it's not too hard. There is a little challenge without getting to levels that are almost impossible to pass and I like that. They are also not trying to sell you all kinds of gold coins or boosts that you will need to pass levels.


Luv it!!!


Love this game. Just went over 500 level. Can't stop playing!

Great game!

It's fun and tough, I'm up to level 732!

Candy panda

Shoot 2 bubbles and games crashes!!!


It's really fun but every time I go to play (516) it crashes right after I shoot one bubble. Needs to be fixed.

View blocked

Great until you reach a certain level and it blocks your view so that you can see which color bubble is needed next. Will have to delete soon.


Fun game but it crashes a lot.


Level 96 is impossible to win. Can't advance. Getting bored with too many attempts. Same color bubbles released each game. Can't get passed the "eaters"


Since update, it crashes. Pls fix.

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